Asbestos Repair/Encapsulation

Asbestos was once a very popular building material for many reasons – the material’s fire retardant and insulation properties being one of the main. It has since been banned or restricted in its use in construction for over 60 countries across the world. Despite these restrictions, it is believed that almost half of all asbestos containing materials ever used in the UK are still present in the properties they were once installed in. This includes building features such as:

  • Ceiling tiles and roofing materials
  • Pipe insulation
  • Boilers
  • Caulking

Esoteric Environmental are committed to working with their clients to choose the most appropriate action when it comes to all things asbestos. Accordingly, our managers can carry out a survey of your premises and advise on the best solution to ensure legal compliance and budgetary restraints. One of the options available to you is asbestos repair or asbestos encapsulation.

Asbestos Repair

We completely understand the importance of ensuring your property is safe and free from the dangers of air-borne asbestos particles. But we also fully appreciate that solving asbestos related problems must be a quick, efficient and cost-effective task – especially for commercial premises. Safety is paramount but we will always ensure our service is as unobtrusive as possible.

Asbestos repair tasks can include:

  • Patch repair
  • Over cladding
  • Tapes
  • High-quality coatings
  • Complete removal and disposal

Whether you entrust us with your repair or not, it is vital that you seek professional advice and support when it comes to making such an important decision. Here at Esoteric Environmental we help building owners, tenants, and surveyors make the correct decisions when it comes to repairing asbestos containing materials and structures.

Asbestos Encapsulation

One of the safest and most effective methods of preventing the release of asbestos fibres in the air is to encapsulate it – hence the name asbestos encapsulation. This is also a very cost-effective option in comparison to asbestos removal, which can prove to be difficult and costly in some circumstances. Instead of removing the asbestos containing materials, or even disturbing them in any way at all, we can seal it with a specialist coating.

Dismantling asbestos is often more of a dangerous task than simply leaving it be, as the former can cause a sudden release of asbestos fibres in the air and surrounding environment. If inhaled, these fibres can become trapped in the lungs and cause serious health effects.

If you are able to seal it off and encapsulate the asbestos instead, this can often be a more reliable and effective solution. Work can be completed quickly with minimal disruption, making this an effective way of protecting your staff, employees and family members.

Encapsulation is carried out using the best quality materials protecting our clients’ health and safety. It can also prolong the life of the asbestos product allowing the customer valuable time for budgeting for eventual removal.

Skilled Asbestos Specialist Workforce

Our skilled workforce, in many occasions are able to carry out minor repairs or encapsulation of asbestos containing materials saving our clients’ money and downtime. If you’d like to know more just call 01603 280868 or send a message to and one of our team members will get back to you soon.