Environmental Cleaning

The primary aim of environmental cleaning is the Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI). However, the same principles apply across a number of different industries, situations and properties where careless management may lead to potentially harmful threats to people and the environments around them.

Here at Esoteric Environmental, we interpret ‘environmental cleaning’ as tackling any kind of potentially harmful risk that may arise from the existence of a certain substance or the failure to manage it.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Techniques

Our environmental cleaning service makes use of eco-friendly cleaning methods and techniques that allow for truly outstanding results. We can handle projects of any size, from simple rubbish removals to complete building renovation projects. This type of work is extremely important in healthcare environments, where bugs and viruses such as MRSA can become deadly very quickly.

Settings such as this can act as a breeding ground for infection – just like any environment that contains a lot of airborne asbestos particles. So as you can imagine, we know exactly what we are talking about here!

Our Record is Squeaky Clean

Here at Esoteric Environmental we have a proven track record of providing quality, affordable and reliable environmental cleaning services. We work with a variety of businesses from small office blocks to large industrial sites – so we can handle it all! We also work with domestic properties too, so if you have a contaminated property do not attempt to clean it yourself. Call in a professional team of environmental specialists to take care of the job safely and efficiently.

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